Why choose White Circus?

Because we are experts in our field, with a healthy dose of pragmatism 

Because of our experience with and in management teams - complemented by various trainings and certifications - we are very complementary in our approach - Johan with his background as CEO and board member, Chris with her background in Human Resources. 

Because we do what we do best 

Strategy means making choices. You can't be good at everything. We resolutely choose for team coaching, and coaching of managers, board members and management teams. Because that's where we add value.

 Because we go for sustainable results 

What we do must also give results in the long term. We pay attention to transfer for a sustainable change.

Who are our customers?

  • Managers and directors who want to work on their personal development.
  • Leaders of well-functioning teams who want to make their teams even more effectjve. For example when a new team member or manager joins the team.
  • Leaders of teams who feel that their team is not functioning well or well enough.
  • Management teams who want to further develop or improve their organization.
  • Our customers don't like status quo and believe that people and teams are the key success factors for their organization

What is the meaning of White Circus?

A circus is a magical place, where creative minds do everything they can to put on a great show. What we sometimes forget is what precedes it: a lot of discipline, a lot of practice, and a strong sense of responsibility by each individual performer for the collective result. There is no room for lingering conflicts or lack of commitment. Every part of the chain is equally important. If one performance fails, it affects the entire show. Artists feel connected and engaged and rely on each other. Literally. When a trapeze artist floats through the air, she trusts with her life that her colleague will catch her. 

 The same is true in (other) organizations. In well performing teams, employees feel connected to each other and to a common goal. They trust their leaders, feel responsible for their contributions, and those of others.

 As (team) coaches we have developed expertise, tools and ways to make teams perform better and to strengthen (self-) leadership.

 Because "the show must go on", and we all like to put on a great performance for an enthusiastic audience, whatever the circumstances. 

 White is the sum of all colors without preference or distinction. After all, we believe that different personalities who have learned to bring out the best in themselves and each other make a team stronger. 

White also stands for celebration, sincerity and truth. We love to celebrate traditions, successes and the joy of working together. And we give sincere feedback in a respectful way. Because this is the only way to grow teams and individuals.


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