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Every leader can grow. In doing so, coaching is one of the most effective ways to achieve results. 

After all, anyone who talks about "leadership" is also talking about "self-leadership". Why am I reacting the way I did? What obstacles do I face - in myself or in others - that I would like to change?

To find an answer to this, self-awareness is needed. Coaching encourages observation and reflection, helps you to get challenges clear, and to see options or solutions.

Lonely at the top? 

Even though leaders are among people all day, it is often a lonely job. As a leader, you can consult with your team, but not about everything. You can also consult with your superior or board of directors, but not about everything. After all, you are expected to be able to make decisions yourself. 

What can you expect from a business or executive coach?

A business coach or executive coach is a neutral sparring partner with whom you can exchange thoughts. He or she helps you - by asking questions and giving feedback - to get a clear picture of the problem you are facing, and your own thoughts about it, in order to see options or solutions. He or she can also, from experience with best practices, provide you with models that support you in implementing solutions.


  • Our coachings are often about sharpening skills in the professional context, such as effective leadership, communicating persuasively, giving feedback, dealing with change, handling deadlines and time management...
  • To create sustainable change in behavior, we also coach on a deeper level; the level of thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts determine our behavior, and as long as we do not address these thoughts, our behavior will not change permanently. Themes at this level are, for example, resistance to change, self-confidence, defining boundaries (learning to say no), persuasion or decisiveness, energy loss, perfectionism or fear of making mistakes, ....

Result-oriented coaching

  • Each coaching starts with an intake to clarify the question, and 3 to 5 coaching sessions. Afterwards we (coachee & coach) evaluate where we stand and what else is needed during a feedback session.
  • We coach according to a well-defined structure. In each phase, the coach helps the coachee to explore exactly what the question is, in order to come to insights, and ultimately to actions.
For managers

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