IMPACT Consultancy Skills

IT consultants are typically hired for their technical expertise, however, the challenges in consulting are more than just technical. By developing non-technical consultancy skills, consultants can have a more significant impact on their clients. To address this need, we have created a program called IMPACT. It is a unique program designed to enhance the performance of IT consultants by focusing on their non-technical skills.

Why this IMPACT program?

Not all organisations have all the technical competencies required for specific jobs. Therefore, organisations sometimes bring in consultancy skills are a missed opportunityconsultants to reinforce their teams. These consultants can help with tasks such as developing new software, setting up a new platform, or migrating to the cloud.

However, consultants' clients often only see them as "extra hands", which is a missed opportunity. Consultants have vast experience working with various clients and can offer strategic insights and knowledge.

It is also a missed opportunity for the consulting companies sending the consultants. The consultant can build trust with the client, spot new opportunities, and participate at a strategic level.

Our unique program aims to turn these missed opportunities into opportunities for both the consulting company and the client. Both parties can benefit by developing the soft skills of the consultants.

Who is the IMPACT consultancy skills programme intended for?

The consultancy skills program has been designed for people working as consultants. Both juniors and experienced seniors will find their liking in it.

The participants we have in mind are ambitious people who want to develop personally, participate at a strategic level, and be an ambassadors for their company.

IMPACT program concept

The program is a well-chosen combination of leadership, consultancy, and commercial skills.

  • Gives insight into the role the consultant can and should play in client development
  • Provides the skills and frameworks needed to increase impact and perceived impact on clients
  • In line with our value of "sustainability," we do not envisage a one-off sensitisation but a lasting, long-term impact
  • The program is going to teach frameworks and methodologies, but the emphasis is on application and ownership.

What do we want to achieve with IMPACT?

In a nutshell, with this consultancy skills programme we want to provide all the tools so that every participant

  • Can build a good relationship with well-chosen stakeholders at the client
  • Is seen by the client as a trusted advisor
  • Knows the client's needs and interests/objectives


The modules have been carefully chosen, and each contributes in its way to the program's objectives.


We don't deliver a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor each program to the needs. We discussed this thoroughly in several intake meetings with management and a few participants. We customise the modules chosen, the weight of the modules, and the cases selected. 

  • Personal Development Plan: We invite participants to think in advance about the personal development they have in mind. Where possible, we fit this into existing development plans within the company.
  • Frameworks/models: We provide participants with frameworks and models, capstans they can use during the rest of their career
  • Role plays: We allow participants to practice role plays in small groups. 
  • Intervision: Part of the program's value comes from the experience exchange participants have with each other during the program.

Professional trainers speaking from experience

Naturally, the facilitators of this program are experienced trainers who have mastered the skills and models they convey. They are also experienced team coaches. However, for this kind of program, more is needed. The trainers of the IMPACT program also have years of experience in organisations, in different sectors, and at all echelons. They constantly deploy them in this program.


We offer this program as a so-called "in-house" program, with participants all working for the same consulting company.

The program can be given in English or Dutch.

To maximise interactivity and personal guidance, we recommend groups of up to 10 people, best a mix of experienced and less experienced people.

The program is a two-day program but can also be split into several short modules. We think with you about what suits you best and look together at minimising the impact on the consultants' "billable time."

Want to know more about IMPACT?

Does this program appeal to you? Could it be something for your organisation? Would you like more information? Do you have specific requirements? Don't hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to contact Johan, the program architect. Or leave your questions or details via the website. We will be happy to tell you more.

IMPACT Consultancy Skills

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