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Why team coaching?

Teamwork, in all its forms (permanent teams, temporary teams, virtual teams...) is important and becoming increasingly important for the success of organizations. Well-performing teams, in which people trust each other are the building blocks for an agile, performing organization.

Unfortunately, many teams function sub-optimally. 92% consider teamwork as critical, only 23% experience their own team as effective.

A good team is much more than the addition of competent individuals. More than that, the most competent individuals often turn out to function much less well when they end up on another team.

Well-functioning teams regularly take time to reflect on their own and the team's functioning, strengths, vulnerabilities and points of attention. Team coaching also strengthens the (self) leadership of both team leaders and team members.

As team coaches, we have developed expertise, tools and ways to help organizations optimize teamwork.

Team coaching for executive teams

A strong executive team inspires, motivates and mobilizes, and ensures that everyone is on the same page. It has a major impact on the company's results and culture.

Yet we often see management teams that fail to present a united front. Management teams with top managers are not automatically top teams.

When team coaching top teams, we dwell on the uniqueness, (often contradiction), and challenges these teams face. We gauge the degree of understanding of each other's differences, priorities and styles, and whether there is sufficient mutual trust, commitment, shared responsibility and focus on the common outcome.

team coachingteam coaching

Our approach

A team coaching project always starts with an intake to get a clear picture of the development needs of the team. We can refine this with our "team barometer". Based on a short survey this gives a good picture of the strengths and development points of the team.

Based on this specific need, we develop a tailor-made program.

We use models, such as Insights Discovery and MBTI

For teams

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