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A team never stands alone. It is part of a system.

Organizational coaching results in sustainable improvements in productivity, efficiency and satisfaction, because it is not limited to the optimization of team performance, but also focuses on how all parts are aligned with each other and with the common goal.

Organizational coaching for which questions?

  • Management teams that want to further develop or improve their organization.
  • During strong growth or changes. 
  • Issues that have to do with the way the organization as a whole functions.

Scale-up coaching

Organizations that have passed the start-up phase go through a period of drastic change. The role of the founders changes significantly. There is a need for a clear direction and culture that drives and binds people, and for leadership that gives direction, inspires and motivates. 

In scale up coaching we support entrepreneurs to sustainably grow their business.

Our approach

Together with the management, and possibly the employees who play a key role, we make a diagnosis based on a number of criteria that are important for continued growth.

Among other things, we look at:        

  • Is there a clear and unambiguous mission? How is it translated into the organization? 
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear?
  • Does the organization have the right people on board with the right competences, knowledge and experience?
  • An organization consists of interdependent groups of people who function as a system. How well are all parts aligned with each other and with the common goal?
  • Is there a shared vision about leadership? To what extent is self-leadership encouraged?
  • Is there a clear culture that connects people? Is there sufficient mutual trust, commitment, and shared responsibility? Is there a feedback culture in which people motivate and stimulate each other, but also keep each other focused?

Based on the findings, we formulate an action plan that may include executive coaching and a number of strategic workshops.

For organizations

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